Toboton Creek Farm

Welcome to Toboton Creek Farm. We offer a wide range of farm-grown products including, raw goat milk, flavorful raw goat cheese, and gourmet quality goat meat. We also have a limited selection of chicken eggs, chickens for sale, and mohair fiber.

We also raise Boer, Nubian and Angora goats. We have a high standard for correctness of breed character and conformation. Feel free to call us at 360-894-5691, email us, or contact us via our Facebook page.

Come on down! We are located on Bald Hill Road, just outside of Yelm, WA. Our products are also found at Olympia Food Co-op Eastside and Westside in Olympia, WA, Yelm Food Cooperative in Yelm, WA, and La Pasta in Seattle, WA.